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February 13 2018

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That is the question...
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"The Wish". Mixed media on illustration board.
Prints available on Etsy & Redbubble.

Sketch | WIP 1 | WIP 2 | WIP 3

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For some reason this reminds me of that one time my best friend was having a rough time and I wanted to help her but I was too far away... So I ordered her favourite type of pizza to be delivered to her place. As a special request I asked them to "please draw a big heart on the box."

She sent me a picture of it later. Not only had they covered the whole box with cute hearts, even the pizza itself had the shape of a heart.
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February 12 2018

"Ich bin Batma... Nicht streicheln, du versaust mein Video! Menno!"
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Sand, under a 250x microscope

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