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October 14 2017

How to relax with your dog
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Hard times, gonna make you wonder why you even try
Hard times, gonna take you down and laugh when you cry
These lives, and I still don’t know how I even survive
Hard times, hard times

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Alf Corleone
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a cloudy night
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what it mean when everything she do make u smile

you got caught up in some shit bro you in love :^/


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nothing makes you, as a pet owner, feel more like an asshole than having to give your cat medicine

there’s no good way to do it. theres no winning. you put the drops in your cat’s ear or smear flea stuff on their neck or give them a pill and you ALWAYS come out of it being the asshole. sorry that i love you, wallace! i want you to not be filled with parasites! please endure my curing slime!

This whole post is probably the best advertisement for why you should train voluntary medical behaviors with your pets long before they have health issues. If your cat is used to you fussing with their ears and eyes and has been taught that allowing it gets them super high value rewards, then when you do have to smear goop in their eyes or put drops in their ears you’re starting with something that is a normal part of their day and something they like - not with an interaction they’d already hate even before you introduced the medicine. 

When I first got Aster I knew right away I wanted him to be willing to sit still for a veterinarian. My previous cats growing up had to be sedated, they were dangerous. That wasn’t going to be Aster.

So I started messing with him, just a little, every day, and rewarding him with a little treat every time. This proved very fruitful because he wound up having to go to the vet multiple times for recurring ear infections for which he had to take oral and topical meds. Every time he took his meds he got a little snack, so when it was time to dose him he didn’t fight or cry or run away, just took it and waited for the payout.

To this day he’s incredibly well behaved at the vet and gets his ears cleaned and his shots without a struggle. I may have failed to train him not to destroy blinds but at least we have this.

Downside to this: Ashiko has damn near KO’d a vet tech with affectionate head bumps.

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Straight dudes are their own worst enemies when it comes to getting laid.

Like, i know so many girls who are down for something more casual and who actually have really low standards that boil down to “treat me like a person, not a talking fleshlight”. And dudes refuse to even meet those standards!

Like, you know how many times I’ve been talking to a guy and I’ve already decided that when we hang out I’d down to mess around, only for the guy to start talking super graphically or send me a picture of his dick–and then literally all desire I had for him went out the windows.

Like dudes are so obsessed with sex that theyre scaring almost-certain sex partners away because they refuse to act like human beings capable of rational thought.

Bring thing this back to add an example:

I started talking to a guy on tinder.  He was funny, flirty and super nice even though he wasn’t really my type. Most importantly, he was completely respectful. He managed to let me know he thought I was attractive, and that he was interested in me, without ever saying anything gross, asking for pictures or asking for sex. We met up for drinks and talked for hours and I realized I was more attracted to him than I initially thought . Not only did I sleep with him on the first date, but I’ve hooked up with him multiple times after that. The first time, he didn’t make any assumptions. We hung out, started making out and then he asked me if I wanted to stay the night. That was it. He STILL has never asked me for a nude, or sent me some overtly sexual message or picture. 

But SOMEHOOOW I still want to have sex with him.

Conversely, I started talking to another guy on tinder today. On our FIRST conversation, he has mentioned my boobs 3 times, invited me over to “watch a movie” (he added the quotes, not me), suggested a fwb set up and just asked for nudes.


I try so hard to tell them.

Trash men are out here getting advice from other trash men so they don’t know how to act. 🙄

But… But why are they incapable of learning from bad experience after bad experience?

Because they find it easier to blame the women for it.

Shoulda been more of a warning sign when my ex thought a compliment counted as telling me that I had big boobs, really :/

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in another life who knows what we’d become?

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