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July 15 2017




It probably really irritates Wonder Woman when the Justice League is getting shot at and she has to do the Robot to block bullets with her bracelets–meanwhile Clark is just standing there, bullets bouncing off his chest. He’s not even wearing armor. His mom just sewed some of his old baby blankets together and he’s making it work.

And she has to lug a shield around just so, like, fucking muskets can’t kill her. Like if someone shoots an arrow at her, she needs to block that, or she’ll die, apparently.

So just off-screen there, picture Superman just casually strolling by. “Hey, you, uh, you need some help there? Wanna stand behind me? I have this cape, it blocks bullets too.”

“No, I’m fine!”

“Okay, if you say so.”

to be fair:

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Crop Circles by Jun Chiu
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Very cool Merriam-Webster,very cool.

how do you pronounce it?

ORIGIN: 1970s

Gender neutrality is not a “new fad” or “everyone being so pc all the sudden”

(I mean, yeah there has been more than one gender for eons, but still)

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Inside every person you know, there’s a person you don’t.
— thw (via thehiddenwoman)
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i’m keanu reeves running off with this camera he stole from a paparazzi

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