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March 20 2017

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I love when man does that. 
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This is a painting of Jacek Malczewski called simply ‘Death’ and it’s my favourite personification of death in any medium. 

She’s not creepy or scary, or sexy, or abstract. She is this thick woman with worn hands, dressed as normal, with a non-stylised scythe and pins in her hair: like a farmer’s wife that just came form the field and rests against the wall, catching some sun. She is not creeping about the dying one holding her scythe over their head, she is just there, calmly waiting her turn. 

This painting always fills me with peace and optimism when I think about death. She is just there, outside the window, in no hurry at all, sensible and down to earth. I can live with that.

please, please.

I ship her with Truth Coming Out of Her Well.


Who doesn't love pizza? And ponies? And pizza-eating ponies? T-Shirt
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wake up half empty

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• it’s ok if you accomplish things “more slowly” than other people
• it’s ok if you find difficultly in what others consider “easy”
• it’s ok if you fall behind, you will still reach your destination
• it’s ok to take life at your own pace

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March 18 2017

Miniature Displays of Contemporary Urban Buildings by Joshua Smith

Working at 1:20 scale, artist Joshua Smith builds in-depth works that capture the layered existences of urban environments in cities such as Hong Kong, Sydney, and Los Angeles. His miniature buildings showcase the details and detritus left by the diverse population of each city, bringing in elements of the city’s workers, inhabitants, and street artists. These marks can be seen through heavily graffitied exteriors, and thoughtful additions like a small table on the roof of one building with takeout food from the tiny Chinese restaurant below.

Smith has been working on this series for the last two years, after stints as both a stencil artist and gallerist. Using several reference photos from a building’s actual site, he utilizes MDF, cardboard, and plastic to create the base of the work, and chooses paint and chalk pastels for the exterior’s details. Smith’s newest four-story work took him three months to complete, often working 8-16 hours a day.

The Australian artist recently exhibited his miniature buildings with Muriel Guepin Gallery at VOLTA Art Fair in New York City from March 1-5. You can see more of his work on his Instagram and Facebook. (via My Modern Met)

A post shared by Joshua Smith (@joshua_smith_street_artist) on Sep 14, 2016 at 1:06am PDT

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Moana + forehead touches

The Hongi (or Honi) is a Polynesian greeting in which two people greet each other by pressing noses/foreheads and inhaling at the same time. This represents the exchange of ha, the breath of life, and mana, spiritual power, between two people. The ancient custom of Hongi when meeting another included touching foreheads together, inhaling, kissing the other on the cheek, hugging and then exhaling.

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Can we take a moment to appreciate these subtle expressions? And that lil hair flip in the first gif? Thank you, animators!

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NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg is a self proclaimed crafter. A week ago she made a stuffed dinosaur from scraps on the space station. The little T-rex is made form the lining of Russian food containers and the toy is stuffed with scraps from an old T-shirt. While many toys have flown into space, this is the first produced in space.

Photos: Karen Nyberg, via CollectSpace

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Pro Life ?
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